About us

Matooka founders and daughters

Once upon a time, serendipity chanced upon two neighbors whose lives shared one too many coincidences. Each one of six sister and eight daughters between them, they peered out their windows at a constant parade of stylist women and chic girls until they could take it no longer. In a frantic tumble of bold hues, funky hardware and sheer brilliance, the kindred spirits abandoned their careers in law and joined forces to create a clothing line that is contemporary and edgy but still young and sweet.


Introducing Matooka Kids Couture, a new children’s clothing line designed for the discerning parent and the mini-fashionista. We know you’re going to love our attention to detail and the way we’ve combined fabrics and styles to create a line that speaks for itself.


Our goal is to bring the Matooka look to as many little girls as possible. So much so that we proudly donate 10% of our profits to research in infertility and to families undergoing costly assisted reproductive treatments.


Join us in this exciting endeavor!

Daniella and Yona